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Your Sale Is A Unique Situation

Our Combination Selling Program Is Unique

Your "Specific Needs" Determine The Program

Our Program Can Maximize The Dollars You Get
Our years of experience have taught us that every sale is a unique situation due to merchandise and the circumstances of the sale.
With our unique selling program we are able to custom tailor a plan that will meet the specific needs of your individual situation.
Based on current market trends of desirability and marketability we are able to sell your merchandise using our combination selling program which we design around specific items.
Generally by using these item specific programs we are able to maximize the amount of dollars you receive for you merchandise.
  • Onsite Sales
    Standard Estate or Moving Sale
  • Multiple Owner Sales
    A Single Combined Sale of Multiple Owned Items
  • We Purchase Your Estate
    We Buy Whole or Partial Estates
  • Sell Select Items On Ebay
    We Sell Single or Multiple Items

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