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Ebay Trading Assistant Services
are offered to our clients
Our experience has given us the insight to spot items of particular interest to people living outside of our immediate area. Sellers Minnesota will look at items on an individual basis and determine if it is feasible to list them nationally on Ebay in order to realize the best possible price for the item in question.

We have sold many items for past clients that they believed were actually worth little or no value and gotten them hundreds of dollars to their amazement. Our combined years of collecting, buying and selling of collectible merchandise give us the edge in spotting valuable items that might otherwise be overlooked by the untrained eye.
Our staff will take care of all of the details for you
1) We take the pictures
2) We list the item with our account
3) We answer potential buyer questions
4) We sell the item
5) We collect all money from the buyer
6) We package and ship the item
7) We pay you for the item
Whether it is one item or multiple items this is a major tool we utilize in order for you our client to get the best possible price for your property. Currently we are the only estate / moving sale professionals offering this service to their clients in our service area.

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